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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Peyton's 8th Birthday

Yesterday, Peyton turned 8 and celebrated with a fun-filled day of activities. We tried to get her to go on vacation to Michigan to ski for her birthday as well as try to have a New Year's Eve party to celebrate but she wasn't having it. She wanted a birthday party at home on her actual birthday so everyone would come and focus on her not New Year's Eve!

When she's older she'll learn to pick the vacation or the New Year's Eve party! Especially after I found out this morning that the boy she has had a crush on since Kindergarten would have been at the same exact ski mountain as us during the same time. I think she's kicking herself now! Still, she had a great day...

We started off the morning, opening our few presents to her and then finishing some Christmas returns so she was happy picking out little presents for herself too at every store we went into. This made her day and I think I am going to continue that tradition and have a few presents for her to open but let her go shopping and pick out her own presents. She loved this and it was a highlight of her day. Then she decided she wanted to stop off at a cute little donut shop where they make these mini warm donuts. That was a delicious birthday treat that we all go to enjoy. Yum!

We started her family birthday party late afternoon with an emoji theme and lots of balloons (we lost a few in the parking lot and had great fun chasing after them!). Having a birthday so close to Christmas, there wasn't much she didn't have already but she clearly enjoyed opening her presents of much needed spring clothes, an outing with her aunt/uncle/cousin, some toys and a brand new bike of her own! She had only been using hand me down bikes from Austen since she started riding an actual bike so she was thrilled that next year when she's able to ride her bike to school, she won't have to show up with a boy's bike!

Happy Birthday to our little "P." She's not so little anymore!


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