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Monday, February 05, 2018

The Things That My Kids Continue to Say...

I'm trying to remember all the little things that my kids say that make me really laugh every week. There's a lot and I only remember a few after a day or two so not all of them make it to the blog but when they do they will forever be a part of my kids' story.

Here are the cutest ones that I can remember lately:

Hailey says, "Mom there's the PS truck!" She means UPS but she's pointing out the Fed Ex truck and when you try to tell her that the brown truck is the UPS truck and the white one is Fed Ex she gets mad. I guess this also means we receive too many deliveries from online stores because she knows a truck delivers the best things!

Peyton then says, "Hey, I'm PS!" And, she is as they are her initials...

Hailey about a man coming out of church with a walker, "Papa has one of those (she says loudly and points to the guy's walker). Yes, he did as he had hip replacement surgery a few weeks ago.

And, the day of his hip replacement surgery, I pick Austen and Peyton up at school and they said are we going to visit Papa in the hospital now? I said, well, I have some good news and some bad news. Peyton says, "Did he die??" Uh, no - you just can't go visit him because of the flu epidemic but his surgery went well.

Hailey later hears an ambulance - "Is that for Papa?"
I hope not!

When talking about her Grandmas, Hailey identifies them as Grandma with the white hair and Grandma with the bracelets. I guess that's better than Austen identifying one of his Grandmas as Grandma close the door when he was staying with her and she shut his bedroom door at night (something he didn't like!).

Finally, one last bit of cuteness from Hailey is when she wants you to tell her a secret she will tell you to "speak to my ear!"

Of course many of these are the things that Hailey says as she's the youngest. Peyton's just dead pan funny while Austen's a bit more serious than his two sisters (and a little bit older). 


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