Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I'm Heading Back to Work

At least that's what I told Austen, Peyton and Hailey last week. You see we are in the process of building a beach house. One that we bought land for a year after we were married - before our kids were even born so it's been a long time in coming as we wanted to make sure we did it right and had everything else before we added on this nice to do (but not a need to do). Well, the time is right now, but building a beach house costs money not to mention the kids want a pool too.

So I asked them what they wanted more  - a beach house or me staying home. Hailey right away chimed in with a beach house. Peyton contemplated a bit longer before saying she wanted me to stay home. Okay, Austen, I said - you're the tie breaker. After telling me I was lying and that I wasn't going back to work he refused to answer the question before breaking down and telling me he didn't want me to go back to work. Between his full on sobs, he shouted that of course Hailey wanted the beach house because she didn't remember me ever working. I suspect Peyton didn't really recall all that much either as she was 4.5 years when I left. But, Austen, he remembers. He remembers us living here and me leaving to take the train before he even woke up in the morning and then getting home right before dinner when everything was a rush to get homework finished and bodies bathed before bedtime - and that's when he didn't even have as many sports as he does now.

It may have been a little bit mean to play this game (as I'm not really going back to work) but it's good to know you're needed too (and appreciated). They want me (or at least Austen and Peyton do) over a nanny or day care. And, I'm so glad I made the choice to work when they were younger as I suspected they wouldn't remember much of those years but now they want me here (and I want to be here too). The years are short and growing shorter and before I know it they'll be gone. So I'm all yours Austen (and Peyton and Hailey) although maybe not til college! Oh, and don’t worry, you can have your beach house too.


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