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Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Tis the Season

This season is probably one my most favorite times of the year. From chopping down our Xmas tree with good friends to cozy fires and counting our blessings to helping others, it's a magical time of year. Our kids enjoy the traditions of viewing holiday lights and windows, participating in our annual village Christmas walk, sipping hot chocolate, seeing Christmas movies and sharing time with family.

With almost one week left til Xmas, we've managed to squeeze in a few seasonal moments so far.

Village Christmas walk. Austen was off having fun with his friends while Hailey and Peyton scored some glowing red noses at the local dentist's office to kick off the evening.

A sunny but cool enough day at the local mall to walk around, see a Christmas movie and sip hot chocolate.

Making gingerbread houses. Hailey made this one with her friend Conor from soccer but it was her second one as Tom, Peyton and Hailey completed another one the week before.

Finally, this evening we squeezed in the Holiday Magic light show at the Brookfield Zoo with Papa. Of course we had to avoid the stuffed animal kingdom (Peyton wanted to buy a toy - surprise, surprise ) but the kids enjoyed seeing the penguins, the many Christmas lights and laughing at the smell the swamp exhibit created.



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