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Monday, January 15, 2018

Girl Scout Cookies!

I was a Brownie/Girl Scout for five years, and I would have done it longer too if we hadn't moved. My troop was the best. We did a lot of fun activities but my favorite thing to do was the camp outs with my troop. My leaders were awesome as they were always taking us someplace fun including the Poconos in the winter (I lived in New Jersey then).

Just this year, Peyton became a Brownie so she's following in my footsteps - learning about philanthropy, working together with other girls and earning badges for her work. So far this year, they've donated food, sang Christmas Carols at the library and now are perfecting their sales techniques to sell cookies. 

Back when I was a Girl Scout, you had to sell 100 cookies to earn a badge. I was determined to get to 100. I would ride my bike all over adding up the number of boxes sold in my head so I could get to 100 or a little over. In fact, when my Dad would help me deliver them, I remember him saying, "You rode your bike all the way over here to sell Girl Scout cookies!?" It probably wasn't the safest thing to do and once I got bit by a dog and didn't want to tell my parents (and didn't but silently hoped I didn't get rabies).

Now, it's Peyton's turn to sell them. She only has to sell 30 to earn a badge. Talk about taking it easier on the younger generation! And, she wasn't all that interested in doing so until she learned you could earn a stuffed animal for selling then she got her sales pitch down and went out today to pound the pavement in the snow to sell more. She sold 12 boxes between just 3 houses. At this rate, maybe a few more hours and she'll reach 120!


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