Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Dog Ate My Homework

never thought I would write that but it's true. (Okay, the puppy ate Peyton's homework really.) It happened last Tuesday. Sadie has been gaining a little more freedom during the day when we've been out so I haven't been putting her in her crate - just confining her to part of the first floor. 
Overall she's been pretty good but apparently last week she entered the terrible twos. I came home to find all of the papers and books that I had left on the counter strewn about the floor and most of them were shredded. Thank God I returned the library books the day before but I quickly panicked as I scanned the floor for Peyton's blue homework packet. Oh no! Oh no! She had 75% of it done for the week already. Where was it?! I ran to the front hall and there before my eyes was tiny, shredded pieces of the blue homework packet. Nothing I could salvage or try to tape back together. Oh boy, what was I going to tell Peyton?!

It took me about 20 minutes to clean up the mess and then email her teacher saying the dog ate her homework and I needed a new packet. Lucky for me she was the one that broke the news to Peyton and sent her home with a new packet which to my surprise she sat down and redid with little complaining.

As for Sadie, she's grounded. Back in the crate for her when we are gone!



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