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Monday, August 08, 2016


"Take vacations. You can always make more money. You can't always make more memories."

This was a quote that I first saw when we were on vacation in Anna Maria Island, Florida. I love vacations and if it were up to my husband we maybe would go on one vacation a year and it might be camping! Ha! In all seriousness, I am the vacation planner in the family so I am always planning the next vacation when we are on a vacation. I have to. I need to look forward to the next vacation although you really shouldn't call it vacation with kids because it's actually more work but that's a post for a different day.

We just returned last week from our summer vacation. We went to Saugatuck, Michigan for the week. Now we've rented many a houses in southwest Michigan but we had never stayed in Saugatuck. We knew we would have our new puppy by then so we wanted to get a pet friendly house and we knew we'd be doing a lot of walking with her so we wanted to be close to town. Well, Saugatuck did not disappoint.

We loved our morning walks for coffee and our evening ones just for exercise or a cocktail or shopping. The abundance of restaurants, the proximity to the beach, the pet friendliness of the town was wonderful. We read, we ate ice cream, we played mini golf, we built sandcastles, we visited our land (in South Haven), we met up with friends and family and saw Peyton's kindergarten teacher randomly one day on the beach! We enjoyed the time and we made memories. And, of course the next vacation is already planned!

Sand castle digging

Relaxing on the beach

Sadie's morning walk

Dinner out!

Photo time by our house which Hailey affectionately referred to as "The Farm"

Sadie's first vacation with the family!
Everyone's behaving! Yay, let's take a picture - quick!

And of course we had to play mini golf! Austen won!Hailey is really into it now too.

Michigan sunsets are the best!


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