Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Like Adler

There are so many similarities between Adler and Sadie. The way they lay, hiding out under the table, quick learners and the list goes on. Sadie, however, is very much her own puppy too. She likes water and will drink out of a dirty puddle. Adler wouldn't touch a water bowl that wasn't hers. And while Adler walked around puddles, Sadie splashes right through them. All the toys that Adler didn't care for Sadie likes and they are now finally being played with. 

Sadie gets these crazy bursts of energy and runs hog wild around our kitchen just like Adler used to do. And now she's taken to laying in one of Adler's favorite spots - the landing of our stairs. It made me happy and sad all at the same time.

It's nice to remember Adler through Sadie while still realizing that she's her own dog. Part of me thought we would talk about her less now that we have Sadie but so far that hasn't been true. Any full grown Berners we see are instantly Addie to Hailey and any puppies are Sadie. And, just yesterday we got off the highway at the exit where I had taken Adler to the emergency vet (we were headed to Austen's baseball game). I hate that exit, that road, that area because all the memories, the anguish and the loss come back to me. However, yesterday morning as I am exiting, Hailey looks out the window and says I see the moon. Addie is in the moon.

 Yes, Hailey, she is and she will always be with us. She is forever part of our family and we are forever part of hers. 

For once I smiled as I turned off on that exit. Because I knew at that moment we will always remember her for she will live on through our new love for and journey with Sadie. 


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