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Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th of July

We wasted no time in coming home from our wedding in Boston and getting right into the 4th of July festivities kicking of the red, white and blue holiday with a morning parade. Tom and Peyton walked in the parade as part of the Indian Princess group (think Girl Scouts but with Dads!). So Austen, Hailey and I scouted a good spot on the parade route and settled in to watch the parade.

I used to hate going to parades. Even when Austen was little, I wasn't thrilled about it, but we've been going to the one in our neighboring town for awhile now - even before we moved here and it's like a little piece of Americana. Nevermind that the houses look like they are straight out of New England, it's the people having parties on their front lawns - not a keg type of party mind you but elaborately set up displays with mimosas and yummy breakfast items. I wish I lived on the parade route so I could throw a fun party like this! Hence why I now think the parade is a great way to kick off 4th of July morning.

After the parade, we had a few friends over for some barbeque and then hit the fireworks in our neighborhood park. Of course the  night is not complete without sparklers, glow sticks and many red, white and blue desserts! This holiday is moving up on my list of favorites for sure.

Two out of three!

When is this parade going to start?

Our Indian Princess - "Dancing Pony"

Tom marching right along in the parade with Peyton in front of him.


Hailey's first sparkler!


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