Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, May 30, 2016

Life with Sadie

It feels normal again to have a dog in the house. To add one more thing to do to our list of getting everyone out of the house. Feed the dog, take out the dog, make sure we tire her out and play with her. It's all become part of our routine again.

It wasn't hard to do but it requires more time and certainly more time than an almost 11 year old dog did. Time for training, time where you can't be gone longer than three hours at a time and time for playing. It's almost like having two toddlers in the house. Hailey needs help sometimes down the stairs and so does Sadie so often I carry both of them to the car or outside - side by side - just like having twins! More than once both of them had to go to the bathroom at the same time. If I'm lucky enough that Austen (or even Peyton) is home with me then I can ask one of them to help me otherwise one of them has to hold it while the other goes.

Just like Adler, I take Sadie everywhere I can with us. It may just be to drive car pool or pick up the kids from school but it's getting her used to traveling in the car and so far she's proven to be a good little rider.

Last week I took her to the vet for her 12 week check up. She weighed in at 23 lbs (she's probably about 25-26 lbs as I write this). She's getting big and bets are that she probably will be bigger than Adler.

She's different from Adler in a lot of ways like the fact that so far she doesn't mind being doused with water (I had to give her her first bath with Austen and Peyton's help because she threw up in her crate - that was a fun day!); she is very vocal and knows how to bark when she wants something like her food or for you to get up in the morning; and she does get the supposedly trademark sweaty paws.
Sadie is also similar to Adler in that she loves to sleep on her back and get her belly rubbed. She loves to be close and already knows "her people" and her house. 

It's nice having the same breed, but a Berner with a bit of a different personality. We will always love Adler but now we get to experience even more of the different sides of a Berner. And that makes us love this breed even more.

Austen with Adler last summer by the baseball fields/tree.
Austen with Sadie this spring/summer by the same baseball fields/tree.


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