Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Sadie's on a Playdate

This is where Hailey says Sadie is if you asked her right now. Tom and I actually had an out of town family wedding this weekend and instead of saddling my poor mother with three kids plus a four month old puppy I decided it was best to have someone else take care of Sadie to alleviate some of the craziness. After all, even I might be a little overwhelmed having to care for a toddler and a puppy plus the other two by myself for 96 hours.

So off Sadie her breeder. They run a kennel and this was their pup so who better to take care of her, right?! I still felt guilty. Would she cry at night not sleeping beside us in her crate. Would she think we were giving her back? Would she miss us? Would she be okay?

I packed the toys I thought she would like and I gave her a lot of treats and a long walk that morning before setting out on our one hour drive to the kennel. I felt bad but that quickly dissipated as Sadie bounded out of the car and practically dragged me to the front door (she is just shy of 40 pounds now). It was as if she knew this was where she was born.

We went in and she jumped all over the "handler" and didn't even look back at us when they took her to her "suite" in the back. I filled out the requisite paperwork and requested a bed, extra playtime and a bedtime snack for her each night. When I finished wouldn't you know another Bernese Mountain Dog puppy about Sadie's size walked right in. Now, this isn't that unusual as it is the breeder's kennel but seeing another Berner just Sadie's size had me wondering if they were related. The owner and I made small talk as I mentioned I just brought my four month old Berner to the kennel too and we figured out that Sadie and her boy Berner puppy was actually Sadie's brother and he was staying there for 10 days. How fun would it be for Sadie to play with her brother?! I instantly felt more at ease. Sadie was going to be having a lot of fun on this vacation from us! Hence, Hailey's response that Sadie's on a playdate with her brother!

Even so it's weird not having her in the house. We missed check out time today as our flight arrived later and the kennel is closed tomorrow, but you'd better believe we'll be the first ones there to pick up our puppy on Tuesday morning.

See you soon Sadie!


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