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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Weekend - Phew!

Even though we didn't have baseball (or soccer) games this weekend, it still was a very full weekend.

We kicked off the weekend with Peyton's dance recital. She takes hip hop dance at a local dance studio with a few of her friends. She loves this part of the whole season (which literally is the entire school year) - the recital where she gets to dress up and hang out with the big kids. I think this may be her last year as she's ready to hang up her dancing shoes for soccer, basketball and softball, she recently informed me. 

After the dance recital, we had lunch then spent the late afternoon at our town's carnival. Hailey loved the cars. Her smile was so big and genuine. She was clearly having a blast!

Sunday started with our annual 5K race for the adults and 1K race for the kids. Tom ran it this year as we alternate because one of us has to stay with the kids. Peyton joined Austen running the 1K this year. See Austen in the red shorts in the home stretch below. Peyton ran the whole thing too and I am so proud of her. It's crowded and she tripped coming out of the starting gate, bloodied her knee, but got right back up and kept running. You can see in the picture of her, her bloody knee. So proud of all of them and my husband - who doesn't run a lick all year and still completes a 5K.

We capped off the weekend with a swim at our local pool and celebrating with my Dad and dinner. Happy Father's Day Tom and Papa.  We love you!


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