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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

It has been a great summer weather wise, despite a handful of storms that brought a lot of lightning, thunder and torrential rains. Thankfully those storms have tended to happen more at night than during the day so we're still able to get out and enjoy the day. 

Sometimes it may be a bit overcast and Peyton frets and frantically checks the weather on my phone to make sure it's not going to rain - not because she has something to do outside but because she's petrified of rain. We were sitting outside at a restaurant the other evening watching the magnificent lightning show in the distance and Peyton was hysterical wanting us to move inside. I mean when did she get so afraid of rain?! And forget it if our power goes out which it has too given that our electrical wires are all above ground and in a pretty wooded area.

Despite Peyton's reticence to go outside when there's a hint of rain, we've had a pretty full summer so far. We've taken a lot of morning walks with Sadie. Done some outings to my old town where the kids got to visit a penny candy store I used to love when I was a kid. They've had playdates with their friends and Austen had his first sleepover (at someone else's house). We've seen movies, played rounds of mini golf and spent afternoons at the local pool. The kids have decorated cookies (Finding Dory), delivered block party fliers and kept up with their school work through workbooks and homework packets sent home by the teachers.

Austen and Peyton have also done a lot of camps including soccer, cheerleading, flag football, lacrosse, theater, vacation bible school, safety village school and a craft camp. Not sure what has been their favorite but I will ask them this week when they are all done with camps for the summer.  

After this we head into the home stretch of those last few weeks of summer before school! Then we'll have a 4th grader and a 1st grader!
Making and eating Finding Dory cookies.

We've got spirit!

Yes, we do!

Mini golf! Don't tell Peyton we went without her while she was at camp!


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