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Monday, August 15, 2016

Austen Gets Braces

I can't believe my 9.5 year old has braces! It's true - there's proof in the picture!

I have been noticing kids getting braces at a younger age these days but the truth is that these days there a multiple phases of braces. Maybe it's a way for the orthodontists to make more money but even so I was beginning to wonder why Austen hadn't lost any teeth in almost a year. So his regular dentist (his uncle) took some X-rays and found Austen was missing some adult teeth that were probably preventing some others from falling out. This wasn't a total surprise as I am missing one of the two same teeth as Austen. Yes, if you look closely at one of my front teeth you may notice it's still a baby tooth. Lucky for us there are better options for Austen at this age to rearrange his mouth now so you won't know he's missing these and/or have to get an implant later on in life.

So out came two other teeth and on came the top braces. At first Austen was scared when we went for his consultation but the doctor quickly put his mind at ease so he was okay with the idea of getting them. And I was so proud of how he bravely went back to get two teeth pulled out and to get his braces on when they called his name. (Separate appointments of course - one to the dentist and the other to the ortho.) 

He's been great too brushing his teeth, managing the initial soreness and just adjusting to life with a mouth full of metal!


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