Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Introducing Sadie!

Almost six months to the day we lost Adler, we added our second Bernese Mountain Dog, Sadie, to our family. She's a lucky girl our Sadie but we feel lucky too. Lucky to have had such a great first Berner girl and lucky to be able to do this again and just six months later  (especially with the rising popularity of the breed and breeders fielding 40-50 emails a month from wanna be Berner owners).

So off we went on Saturday morning, our whole family, to pick up our sweet Sadie girl. A blessing sent from Adler for sure. We know she had a hand in sending Sadie to us and Adler must've told her she has big "paws" to fill because so far Sadie has been great. Of course she's had a few accidents in the house but that's to be expected but she's gone outside more than inside and she's even ringing the bell that we put on the door less than 48 hours ago. Smart girl.

She's also a curious and social girl for sure. She loves to be near us at all times. Cuddling. Laying on our feet or pretending she's a cat weaving in and around our legs as we stand there talking. She nips a lot which Peyton and Hailey don't really appreciate, but hopefully that will wind down some as we train her. Right now she likes to sleep under things like the table, the air conditioner units out back and our deck steps. We're always dragging her out of somewhere. She also sleeps with her head in her water or food dish! Hilarious! And, yes, sometimes she flips them hitting herself in the head.

The first night actually went pretty well. She cried for a minute or two then settled into her crate and slept from about 12:30am until about 6:10am.  Easier than a newborn baby - that's for sure!

She has had a lot of visitors in her 36 hours of being home and tomorrow begins her puppy school training. Off to bed now so she gets her rest but first here are some pictures of her first weekend with us. 

Coming home with Sadie!

I will not be this size for very long as I am expected to gain 2-3 lbs per week!

I like sleeping in my dish. It's very comfortable. Kind of like a pillow.

Hey, this isn't Adler. Amazingly Hailey has adjusted to calling the puppy Sadie although she still gets a bit confused at times and reverts back to Addie.

I think I am going to like it here!

I learned how to flip my dish all on my own.


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