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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We're officially Spring Breakers now. Us, who used to be the people that would vacation at off season times and therefore enjoy less crowded locales and great rental rates. Gone are those days now that we have two in public school. Now, we take vacations with the rest of the masses...unless you hit up a locale like the Cayman Islands!

Seriously, probably one of the easiest vacations that I've been on with the kids. Yes, they are getting older but an uncrowded international terminal at the airport on Easter morning coupled with a quick direct 4 hour flight and a 20 minute ride to our accommodations ensured that we were on the beach by 2pm, and all were happy. This year, we lugged no car seat, no pack and play, no diapers or makeshift high chair. The only semblance of babyhood we brought was a stroller and that was mostly because we didn't rent a car and we walked to a lot of places.

So what can I say about Grand Cayman. Beautiful. Great weather although we did have a bit of rain one day but it wasn't enough to get the kids out of the ocean or the pool. The water was the kind of blue you don't see unless you travel to the Caribbean. The condo we rented was amazing. It had enough room to keep us all happy that we weren't on top of each other and a beautiful screened in balcony as well as an outdoor one. We ate many a meals (grocery store was right across the street) staring out at the ocean. Why go out when you have the best view right there?

We did leave our condo though to sample the local seafood fare, visit the turtle farm, swim with the stingrays and snorkel. It was Austen's first time snorkeling so he was a bit hesitant but with a little encouragement he dove right in!

Great vacation. Great Island. Great Memories. Can't wait to go back.

Stingray City Sandbar - Hailey's not so sure about this animal!
Hold it like a pizza box, they said.
Kissing the stingray!

Look at that water!

Crystal clear...instead of walking, we went swimming down the beach.

This is the view from our balcony...every day. Amazing.

So much fun!

Dinner out with a low of 79 every night. We never needed coats!

Austen and Tom snorkeling.

How can life get much better than this?


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