Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Tribute to Adler

"Take whatever time you need to grieve...Notice the love and gratitude that's behind the pain. Remember all the fond memories that are buried in your heart. Let the joy of those memories become part of your life again, and share that joy with others who need it." --

It's been almost 6 months since we lost Adler. I still think about her and miss her every day. I finally donated her left over dog food just last week but her bed still sits by mine. Her leash still hangs in the garage and her photos now adorn our walls and bookshelves. She is so very missed. Every day.

There is no greater way to honor her than to talk about her. We do it often if not daily, with the kids. We say hi to her whenever we see a Bernese Mountain Dog (we think it's her way of saying hi to us), and it's usually followed by an "I love and miss you Adler!"

When I had notified our breeder about Adler's passing she put it so well - "No one will ever take Adler's place that's for sure. But having another Berner to love is a tribute to her and how wonderful she was." Yes, that's exactly how I felt at that moment and still do. Thus, we began the process of bringing home another Bernese Mountain Dog.

She was born on Feb. 28, 2016, in a litter of 12 puppies which is huge litter for the breed. (Adler was from a litter of six and that was big.) This is the biggest litter our breeder has had in their more than 30 years of raising Bernese Mountain Dogs. So last week we made the trek out to our breeder's place to pick out our new pup. They were all adorable so how do you pick? We didn't have the opportunity to pick Adler but now we had this opportunity. The kids loved seeing all the puppies and I think it made it that much more real to them that we were getting another dog.

Adler was the pink puppy (as they used nail polish on their fur to tell them apart) and this time we chose the purple one. I had asked Adler to give us some type of sign to let us know which one she thought would be a great addition to our family. The "purple" pup was the one that picked us from the moment we walked in and then climbed up on me and ever so gently kissed my chin. Thank you Adler.

So next Saturday, we will once again be parents to three kids and a dog. I ordered her food and bought new toys. When they arrived, Austen and Peyton were very excited. We told Hailey these new things were for our new puppy. "No," she said, "they are for Addie!" She was adamant and mad that we kept insisting they were not for Adler and that Adler does not live here anymore that she lives in the stars and moon. Finally, we gave up. Hopefully she figures it out next week when the puppy comes home but I can see how this can be super confusing for a 2.5 year old!

Anyway, we believe there's no better way to honor our Addie girl. She will always be a part of us and live on through our new Berner girl. 


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