Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

Peyton attended her first Daddy Daughter dance this past Friday at her school. She was so excited to go and spend more time with her Dad (and her friends). She hurried home from swimming, scarfed down her dinner and quick took a shower so she wouldn't miss one minute of all the fun.

Her quickness paid off too as they were one of the first ones there to walk through the elaborate balloon entrance and view the decorations highlighting the theme "Under the Sea."  They got in line for the photo booth and took silly pictures in disguises then danced a few slow and fast dances before Peyton decided she wanted to hang out with her friends.

After some sweets and a visit from the Chicago Bears mascot, it was time to head home. I think she had a good time with her Dad. She even said that she didn't want to have to share her Dad with Hailey when Hailey was old enough to attend the dance too. Lots more years til that happens kid so you'll have enough of your own time!


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