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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Austen's Big Presentation

Every year, each grade at our school puts on some big performance about something. In first grade, Austen and his classmates learned about Washington, DC, and built monuments for their big project. In second grade, they did a whole unit on their family's heritage. So now for third grade they are each researching a hero of our very own heartland - the USA.

Austen was given Orville Wright. How great is it that when he was 2 1/2 we went to the Outerbanks on vacation and visited the site where Orville had made his first official flight? So we had pictures of Austen at this age around the museum-like visiting area that they have constructed there. Perfect for his presentation!

We got to work. Austen read books, then I had to read the books to make sure he accumulated the correct facts and information for his timeline. Then we needed to layout how his presentation would look. We traveled to the local craft store to buy his poster board complete with a header. Then it was decided that we would sketch out on paper how his presentation would look. I ordered the pictures from the Outerbanks that we needed while Tom got creative with the timeline and helped Austen build a model of one of Orville's glider planes.

The board looked great...until last night as we were trying to get all the kids into bed, he kept asking me if he should write his name on his poster board. I said I don't know, maybe on the back as I was distracted putting the other two to bed.

Later when I walked into his room, I saw right away that in fact he had not waited for me and with a big blue marker, on the header of his presentation board he had written in big blue letters - By Austen. Right Smack in the middle of our title. I could've killed him. Well, at least it makes his presentation look authentic Tom and I said through clenched teeth. Oh well. It's his project, we reminded ourselves.

And, even though it was Mother's Day today we spent a bit of time going over Austen's presentation with him as well as watching his morning soccer game and having him take a few swings at the batting cages. Maybe we should have relabeled today, Austen's Day?! We did, however, squeeze in a fabulous brunch with my three kiddos, and our new puppy Sadie spent a lot of time with us today too. Welcome to the family Sadie and I'm glad I'm your mom too!


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