Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, March 06, 2016

I Can't Stand It

Hailey is still more work than the other two although we are quickly approaching 2 1/2 and that seems to be (in my opinion) when things get a bit easier because most of the hard toddler stuff is over. However, she is so cute most of the time that I can't stand it. The stuff this kids says...

She has a huge vocabulary - telling me things like I shouldn't go into my workout room downstairs because "it's dangerous." (Ha! I wish it was dangerous and I didn't have to go in there either!) That's what I tell Austen and Peyton because I don't want them in there playing on the treadmill and elliptical. I didn't know she had also picked this up though. That's good. That means she won't go in there either!

She tells you when she's hungry, when she needs a drink and all of her thoughts about what you are wearing including that she likes your hat or some other type of clothing you're wearing. Most of the time she asks if I am going to wear my (snow) boots. She loves to lay out all of our boots by our cubbies in the mud room when the weather calls for them and she's gotten really good at putting on her own boots too. Thank you Montessori!

Here's just a great video of my now almost 2 1/2 year old showing off her cute little personality and proving that she really does talk!


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