Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, November 01, 2015


 There was no happy in Halloween this year. It rained almost the entire day and not the kind of rain that's a light mist but the type where you can be soaked within minutes of leaving your house. It was the kind of Halloween where you snuggled up by the fire and didn't want to leave it's warmth to venture outside.

There was also no happy in Halloween this year because there was no Adler. For so many years we would take her with us to walk the houses with the kids on Halloween and this year, she was noticeably absent - at least by me. It's been a week and a half since her passing and most days are still hard. I miss her most at night and when Hailey is napping during the day. 

Life does go on, even without her unfortunately, and on Halloween, I had three kids wanting to go trick or treating despite the poor weather. So I got them ready - a White Sox player, a kitty cat and a lion, and we met up with some friends to work our block. Austen and Peyton took off with their friends leaving us in the dust so we took Hailey to most houses at her own pace. After a few she really got the hang of picking the candy out of the bowl and putting it in her bag while saying thank you. It was cute to see her all bundled up in her lion costume - the same one Austen wore when he was almost 2 (and my favorite costume to date for all three kids). After trick or treating (Austen did a whole other block with a friend because we were too slow), we enjoyed some food and drink at a neighbor's house before calling it a night at 10pm. Of course we only called it a night at 10pm  because Peyton along with two of her girl friends decided to paint our neighbor's carpet so poor Tom was wet vacuuming their rug for an hour to try to get out the paint. Despite this mishap, missing Adler and the poor weather, it was still a fun evening with friends and nice to forget that my heart was still least for a little while.


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