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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sporty Austen

It's been awhile since I posted just about Austen so this one is long overdue! At an early age, we knew Austen had an interest in sports. That interest has only continued to grow and does not discriminate between sports. Sure he has his favorites but he loves all sports from golf to bowling to baseball to soccer and football.

In the mornings before breakfast he's either downstairs watching "Quick Pitch," an ESPN show giving all the latest sports updates or some rerun of some classic sporting event. He clogs up our DVR with sports shows and games much to our chagrin. He always has a ball in his hand or at his foot. When we walk Adler, he brings his mitt and a ball and throws pop ups to himself or he'll use the brick side wall of our house to throw or kick balls off of. He shoots hoops with his friends in our driveway or downstairs in our basement when the weather is foul.

He loves attending professional sporting events and was recently invited to a birthday party for a friend at Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play. It was his first time at Wrigley and he was excited to go. On the drive in, he served as the tour guide for the small group pointing out every landmark in the city including the hospital where he was born.  (I guess he was 6 1/2 when we moved to the suburbs so he would remember being a city kid!) He had a great time running the bases at Wrigley and watching the Cubs win after hitting a grand slam. Austen was so excited (see above photo). One of the dads texted Tom that he left our house a White Sox fan, but he's coming home a Cubs fan! Ha! It just goes to show you, Austen just loves to watch games and it doesn't matter which ones.  Chicago is Chicago as long as the Cubs and White Sox aren't playing each other. I'm just glad I pulled out my old Cubs hat so he didn't get beat up at Wrigley wearing Sox gear!


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