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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Is She Really That Bad?

Since kindergarten started, I have seen glimpses of an almost 6 year old Peyton. One who seems focused on what she's doing, who helps her sister and wants to please those around her. Note I said glimpses as she runs after Austen hitting him with a plastic bat and thought cleaning up her toys was too hard and waited til Austen and Daddy stepped in so she didn't have to - all just today! 

However, she is so proud to go to elementary school with her brother and participate in school events like their back to school fundraiser that had each class running a 1K. Much to our surprise Peyton was excited to run and ran the whole way without walking. She looked determined too! She also enjoyed going with Austen this year to a special Breakfast with Dad event at school where she created a sign telling her dad how much she loved spending time with him. 

Lastly, she has shown great perseverence playing soccer. While almost all the girls on her team complain or cry, she plays the whole game without asking to sit out or saying when is this over. Funny how being a proud soccer mom sometimes has nothing to do with goals and assists but everything to do with just getting out on the field and playing with no complaints. From what I have seen from other 5 year olds, Peyton is doing just fine! 


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