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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Best of Summer

So long summer.  I know it's not officially over until Sept. 21 but for us it is. School starts on Wednesday and that means weekends full of soccer and flag football games. So today we stole the last hours of our summer and decided late in the day to do one last beach trip to Michigan.

We had just arrived after a bit of rain but the sun was out and the wind made waves on the lake so the kids could pretend they were back on the east coast in the ocean. They built sandcastles, crashed into the waves and enjoyed their last moments of summer.

We topped off the evening by hitting one of our favorite restaurants for dinner and even though it was late and still a 30 minute wait, we decided to not sweat it and wait it out. The kids did great and it was an enjoyable day. (Glad we put off cutting the grass, planting the flowers and doing laundry to make one final summer memory!)

At dinner, we talked about our favorite memories from the summer. Mostly there were too many for the kids to name but here are a few highlights:

- Lego night with Dad at the library
- The Lego movie at the park
- Boston/New Jersey shore
- mini golf!
- Baseball games (Sox - Fenway, Cougars - Minnion night, and Cubs)
- 4th of July Fireworks
- Camp! (all of them!)
- the pool!

I would say the kids had a great summer and that means I did too!


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