Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Case of the Missing Lego Light

For Christmas, Austen received a Lego light in his stocking. It is a little one that clips onto his bed so he can read at night. Truthfully, I doubt he is doing much reading at night but he likes it and he is a pretty good kid about going to bed so I don't mind that he has it and plays with it a few minutes before going to sleep.

One night, Austen noticed it was missing. He has a bunk bed and he sleeps on the top so it was hard to get up there and look but we did and couldn't find it. We had just changed the sheets on his bed so we thought it must have fallen down when we moved the mattress. We looked on the ground and behind the bed (not an easy feat as it is up against the wall). But we couldn't find it.

A week goes by and still no sign of the Lego light. Tom goes to check on Peyton who is playing quietly one day and notices her playing with what else...the Lego light! He says, you found the Lego light? Startled, she looks right at him and says, Austen found it. She goes back to playing and Tom doesn't mention it.

The next day, Austen says he can't believe he still hasn't found his Lego light. Tom says, I thought you found it? Peyton was playing with it the other day? Puzzled, he looks at us and says a little exasperated, no!

At that exact moment we all look at each other. For we know that our 4 year old is not only now capable of climbing up in Austen's bunk bed but also of fabricating stories with a straight face.

The Lego light was found shortly afterwards in her Lego bin. You got to hand it to her. That kid has some guts and a whole lot of personality to go with it!


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