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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Spring Break for Peyton

It is spring break season and this is the first year since I was in college that I needed to plan for an actual spring break. In past years, Austen and Peyton's school did not have a spring break so we didn't need to worry about planning time off during this period.

To complicate matters this year, Austen and Peyton had different weeks off. So if we didn't have a nanny, Tom and I would have had to take 10 days off or some number of days each that equaled 10. However, we were lucky but still felt like it was important to spend time together even though we hadn't planned an actual trip somewhere.

It started with Peyton enjoying a special day with just me.

We went to breakfast...

Got our nails done...

Tried on some clothes while shopping...

Made a stuffed animal at the Build-A-Bear workshop...

And got a snack together...a great day!

Peyton also enjoyed a special one on one day with grandma since she was on spring break too! They went to McDonalds, shopped, went to a movie and rode the carousel together. Our nanny also took Peyton to the library, scheduled a play date with a friend and treated her to cupcakes at a local bakery. By the end of the week, Peyton clearly was exhausted but I hope she will remember her special spring break. 

More on Austen's week in an upcoming post.


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