Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adler's Sleeping Arrangements

After almost 10 years of sleeping in our room at night, Adler has decided to change up her sleeping arrangements.

The past several nights she has come upstairs to bed only to go back downstairs 10 minutes later to sleep on the carpet.

Now I know we bought some nice carpet for the family room and she likes to lounge on it during the day, but I never imagined she would want to be that far away from us at night too.

I might have chalked it up to old age aside from the fact that she comes upstairs initially and I have seen her enthusiastically bound down the basement stairs. I am hoping it is just a phase because it makes me sad that I don't have to climb over Adler to get out of bed in the morning anymore...even though it is much easier.  Maybe I stepped on her one too many times! Although she never held it against me before. Maybe it's because of that box of  mac n cheese I accidentally dropped on her head last week? Either way I miss knowing she is near.


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