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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hailey Gets Baptized

 After moving, there was still a lot I needed to get done like getting Hailey baptized. It is a process - calling the church, choosing the godparents, taking a class and then of course planning the party. I was finally able to pull it all together for April.

The ceremony in our new church was intimate and beautiful. Only two babies getting baptized. Per usual, Hailey was so good. Never fussed or cried even when they poured the water on her head. Okay, her big blue eyes did fill up with tears when they poured the cold water over her head for the third time but she held it in. And, amazingly the other two behaved! I say this because Austen cried throughout his own baptism and then clung to my legs at the altar during Peyton's baptism.

It was a beautiful, almost warm day. Some family from Boston came in to help celebrate and everything went perfectly...well almost. On our way back to our house to celebrate, Tom wanted to make sure he got in the driveway first and was going a little too fast. Needless to say a nice police officer pulled him over. I say nice because he was! He asked us where we lived and we pointed up the street. (I am sure he probably knows most everyone in town and they know the cops too.) He told Tom to change his license to his new address (I had been reminding him to do this also) and told him to have a nice day.

Wow, what a memorable day, in more ways than one!


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