Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Dad, Mom, Peyton, Hailey & Adler

Yesterday, when we sat down for dinner there were nicely decorated envelopes at each of our seats. Austen instructed us not to open them until we were all sitting down together. 

When we were finally sitting down, Austen gave permission for each one of us to open ours. Peyton went first and Austen read her note. She beamed from ear to ear especially when Austen said she was good at hide and seek!

Tom went second and read his. He is learning what his dad does and is more and more interested each day.

I went last and read mine with a huge smile on my face and in my heart. Maybe we will have another writer in the family!

We are not done, Austen said as he pointed to Hailey and Adler's envelopes carefully laid out on the table since they don't have a seat. I had to write them one too, he proclaimed, they are part of our family!

They were sweet notes to a sister he has known only for a short time and a dog that he has known all his life.

This time is fleeting, I know. How much longer will my son write love notes to his family unprovoked by a birthday or another occasion. Just in case it is sooner than I want, I am keeping every single one


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