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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Austen's Spring Break

Last week was Austen's spring break. Given all the changes in our lives the last five months, we decided to enjoy just a few days off all together. That meant we kept Peyton out of school for a few days too since their spring breaks weren't the same.

We enjoyed a fun family trip to the library to pick out books/DVDs (just because it is spring break doesn't mean reading stops or that our kids can't watch a few extra videos!). We went out to dinner every night and Austen and Peyton got to experience using chopsticks (Austen has Tom's chopstick skills, Peyton not so much). 

We went to the beach. Yes, I said the beach. So it was a little snow covered and only in the low 50s but the kids enjoyed making sand castles (I wish I could have been in their classrooms when they told their teachers they went to the beach for spring break, which they did! Too bad it was in Michigan.). Adler did get to come too! I love how happy she looks running around and rolling in the sand. I think it is her most favorite place. That's why she is the perfect dog for our family. 

After four days of togetherness, Austen and Peyton were getting on each other's nerves. It was at that moment when one of Austen's friends called to have him come over and play. Perfect, I thought until Peyton, who had been complaining her brother was bothering her, started crying that she wanted to go with Austen too. 

Next year, I think we are up for a true spring vacation. Someplace warm with a beach so my kids don't have to write about the look alike glaciers on a Michigan beach.


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