Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

5 Months Old and Just Happy

Last week, Hailey hit the 5 month mark. Hard to believe she has been part of our family for five months now and there are times when I can't remember life without her. 

Having a third kid was definitely a good addition to our family. Austen and Peyton have not shown any jealousy toward her (although Austen doesn't like the fact that it is hard to get his seatbelt latched now with three car seats across the back and early on did say, it was fine with just Peyton and me! This of course was in a moment of frustration with the seatbelt!)

Just yesterday at dinner, we were sharing with Austen what it means to be a big brother to Hailey and protecting her. Peyton piped right in and said, "Austen, you are going to do those things for me too? Right Austen???"

Of course he is. Adler will too of course. She is already one of Hailey's favorites.


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