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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Puerto Rico

I finally found the Blogger app and downloaded it to my phone. They must have updated it because last time I remember using it, it was awful so I deleted it. Now, it actually works so I will be able to use my commute time to post blogs and pictures. Videos are a little more complicated for some reason so I have to do that from my phone.

Why am I telling you this? One, because you will have to excuse the typos as my phone likes to believe it knows what it is spelling and it's not always right! And, two, my updates might not happen on Sunday nights anymore. 

Anyway, just returned last week from Puerto Rico for work. I was there for six full days! Missed Hailey lots as she is so young. Good thing she decided to roll over right before I left. We Skyped though and the time went by slowly. 

When I returned, Tom had gone skiing with friends (which was planned) and I had the kids all to myself:) I took them to places they wanted to go punctuated by places I needed to go. So we went to the library, Costco, grocery shopping and the restaurant where the train delivers your food. 

It was a fun weekend of catching up and spending time with my kids...and Tom when he returned on Sunday night.


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