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Monday, August 26, 2013

Austen's First Day of First Suburbs!

Just because Austen started his first day of first grade in the suburbs last Thursday does not mean that we are all moved in to our new house. In fact, we're still in the city shuttling Austen to and from his new school each day. We're hoping to be in the new house so Austen won't have to commute every day by the end of September, but more on that in a future post.

So Austen started officially last Thursday. We dropped Peyton off at school a little earlier so both Tom and I could take him to his first day. Unfortunately, it was raining that morning so that made the commute that much more brutal. I think it took us 50 minutes. But we made it. Austen was excited despite telling me the day before that he was nervous. I tried to allay his worries with positive stories of how many friends he has in the city and how excited I was to go to a new school every time I had to move (okay, not entirely the truth for the last time I moved, but I did not want him to be nervous). Being a new kid at school so many times, I really felt for him. But Thursday when he woke up, it seemed his nerves were gone and they were replaced with just pure excitement. I actually think I was more nervous than him and thought about him the entire day until I could get back to pick him up. He was all smiles when he came out the door. And, there's nothing better than the feeling of knowing your kid is going to be okay.

Today, was day three of school and he's just as excited to go and come home from school so I know he really likes it and I'm glad and relieved.

Next up, Peyton. She's done fine to adjusting to her old school without Austen, but this week and next will be the test to see how she does at her new school. After all these transitions, my work as a mom will be done:) Well, sort of. I took the last two weeks off of work to make sure they were okay and to transition them into their new schools. I'm hoping that made it a bit easier for them and I know it made it a lot less crazy for Tom and me!


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