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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Austen Turns 6!

Finally! According to him it took too long because his birthday came last out of all of our birthdays (me, Tom, Adler, Peyton and then finally him). It has been two months of constant birthdays and it took some convincing so he understood that he was born in the first month of the year so his birthday will always be first.  I think he half believes us but at least that calmed him down a bit.

So Friday, it was finally here. He couldn't wait to go to school and tell everyone it was his birthday. We made these cute healthy butterfly snacks for everyone in his class that were a huge hit.  (Gone are the days of bringing cupcakes to school although that would have been easier!) 

After school, he enjoyed opening his presents and picked a restaurant for the four of us to go out to dinner. Ironically, he picked the same restaurant where Peyton had her family birthday party. Probably because of the kids movies and inflatable jumpy. They came out and sang happy birthday to him and he started to look a little shy about that (Austen shy?!). 

Anyway, Saturday we had his family birthday party at our house complete with a Lego theme.  His Uncle Bob took him outside to play with his new football and within 10 minutes it got thrown on a roof. Next year, we'll have more space so that won't happen as often! He enjoyed riding his new bike around our condo which meant he couldn't ride far without running over someone's toes or making Adler bark and he loved making presents out of the new art bin we gave him with all sorts of supplies for his creative "I like to make things" mind. 

Hard to believe that he's 6! Here are some highlights from his big day:


  • Wow, 6 years old already!? I'm feeling old.

    By Blogger Perry, at 9:18 PM  

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