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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Summer Staycation

The kids had the week off from school this week and since we just came back from the Outer Banks about a month ago and I am on lock down at work, the kids enjoyed a nice summer staycation!

Last weekend started off with baseball for Austen.  Dare I say how embarrassing it is because he's in a 3-5 league and totally dominating.  After that it was off to Grandma Lou's for Uncle Mickey's birthday party.  The kids played in the pool, the inflatable jump house and practiced baseball in her backyard for hours.  Sunday, we got rained out at the beach but had a nice day in Michigan nonetheless.

Monday it was back to Grandma Lou's house for an overnight where they swam in a neighbor's pool and went to see a movie since the heat was squelching - 100s!

Wednesday it was fourth of July and we started early.  Parade at 10 am followed by a bbque and then the fireworks.  It was a long day and the heat continued so it was sweltering!

Thursday, Tom took the day off and the kids met me for lunch at Ed Debevics. This is a famous Chicago restaurant where it's okay for the waiters to be rude to you.  It was fun to watch Austen's reaction to the waiter throwing straws at us and calling Austen and Peyton babies! I think he was shocked at first but then got into it wanting to call the waiter a big baby with red pants!

Friday, Austen and Peyton spent the day with Grandma Szurgot and tried to beat the heat by running through her sprinkler.

I think they had a pretty busy week of activities and I'm sure they'll be ready to head back to school on Monday.


  • Love the pic of the boys - let's hope they continue to ride together on "toys" that don't go above 3 mph!

    By Blogger Busy Mom, at 3:45 PM  

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