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Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Things We Did With Daddy on Father's Day

It's sort of become a tradition to go to the beach on Father's Day.  It's Tom's favorite thing to do on that day (aside from golf and he did that yesterday) and my Dad (aka Papa) enjoys the time spent at the beach with his grandkids too.

We had a great day:

10.  Making Daddy waffles for breakfast (his didn't have chocolate chips like ours).

9.  Taking Adler for a walk to Starbucks with Papa too!  You can't not have your coffee with two young kids.  At least for the men in the family.  I don't do coffee.

8.  Stopping at Bari for some real Italian subs for the beach.  Papa likes the old Italian store.  It reminds him of the Old Country (even though he's never been!).

7.  Building sandcastles all day.  Daddy really gets into it and likes to make Peyton her own little pool in the middle of the castle.

6.  Swimming out to the sandbar.  Yes, there are sandbars in lakes.  Who knew?

5.  Playing frisbee in the water.  Austen has way better aim than me!

4.  Enjoying dinner outside at our favorite New Buffalo spot, Brewsters.  We missed you Brewsters. Sorry, we couldn't make it last year. Peyton wasn't so good at restaurants.

3.  Watching Peyton fish other people's change out of the fountain at the restaurant. Hey, at least she threw it back.

2.  Stopping Austen from blowing his bubbles I bought him at the restaurant because the wind was blowing them into other people's food. Yuck!

1.  Papa spilling his  to go cup of coffee (round two of the caffeine) on the way out of the restaurant. Sorry waiter!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.  I hope your day was as great as ours!


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