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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Austen Learns to Tie His Shoes

When I was a little girl, my grandma taught me how to tie my shoes. It was summer and I was living in New Jersey so I was probably almost five. My grandma had come to visit and I remember that everyone was paying attention to my fairly new little brother and no one would help me tie my shoes! I remember going to my room and being so mad. I had these blue Winnie the Pooh sneakers but I couldn't wear them because they were tie shoes (and it was the 70s and velcro wasn't in yet). My grandma came up soon thereafter and sat with me until I learned how to tie my own shoes.

My grandma is no longer with us today and I can't remember how she taught me to tie my own shoes but I enjoyed acknowledging her and the important role she played in my life as I taught Austen how to tie his shoes recently.

Remembering that I was almost five when I learned how to tie my own shoes, I suggested that we buy Austen a pair so he could practice. (He usually wears velcro to school since they want kids to be able to put on their own shoes.) So we did and he has been wearing them on the weekends and practicing so he can wear them to school.

He finally mastered the tying. Next up - the double knot - then I will let him wear them to school!


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