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Monday, December 19, 2011

Austen's Holiday Concert

This year both Tom and I made it to Austen's holiday concert. Last year, Tom wasn't able to go and I think he regretted it the entire year. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes you love being a parent. Seeing your kid work so hard for some type of command performance and being fortunate enough to see them perform it. It was priceless last year and it ranked right up there this year as one of my favorite Austen moments.

Austen sang various songs with his class including Jingle Bell Rock and Feliz Navidad. Check out our little performer....
this one is him singing Jingle Bell Rock which was his favorite (even though I had to remind him to smile halfway through so you'll see him paste one on his cute little face). He made us be quiet whenever it came on the radio at home and in the car so he could sing.

This next clip I absolutely love because it's not of him singing at all but tickling the girls standing next to him. The mom of the girl standing next to him approached me after the show saying did you see Lydia and Austen up there?! I said, I sure did and got it all on tape. See for yourself what happened.

This next one is just as funny. Here is Austen singing Feliz Navidad and you can tell he's really enjoying himself until the end when he forgets to put his hand over his heart as he was singing "I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!" Well now the girl standing behind him notices he wasn't executing the right move and decides to assist him. Check out the dirty look he gives her!

Austen may have had a star performance but the rock star that afternoon was Tom. Some parents were taking their children out to lunch and then home after the performance but I had my work holiday party to attend and Tom was supposed to go back to work. Clearly upset, Austen waited silently in line to return to his classroom. How could we send him back to school after seeing him like that? So Tom made the decision to take the rest of the day off. They lunched at "Old McDonalds" aka McDonald's and spent the afternoon together.

It was an afternoon to remember and a reminder that no work is as important as making your child feel they are an important part of your life.


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