Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peyton's First Shiner

Peyton's first black eye was compliments of her big brother. On Tuesday, they shut down school early because the secret service shut down the street the school is located on due to the impending arrival of Michelle Obama. So I picked up the kids early and thought we'd have a fun afternoon at the Nature Museum. The kids loved the butterfly exhibit and all the "stuffed animals" like the polar bear, owl, bunny in the fox's mouth and the lynx. However, their favorite part was this room that had a slide in it.

Austen kept telling Peyton get on my back! What he really meant was get behind me and wrap your legs around me and we'll go down together. I told him to just go down himself and quit bothering his sister. She was going to go down the way she wanted to go down. But he somehow got her to wrap her legs around him and off they went...sliding to the bottom, where they landed on their butts on the soft mat and smacked heads - the back of Austen's head to Peyton's eye.

But Peyton is a tough cookie. She cried for maybe 30 seconds and got right back up and went down the slide (although not with her brother).

Here is my little trooper right after and then the next day.


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