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Sunday, October 09, 2011

U Pick It

So to get in the Fall spirit this weekend we decided to take a drive to one of our favorite states (Michigan) and pick some apples. The almost 80 degree weather didn't help get us in the Fall mood but the changing leaves, already brilliant in their red, yellow and orange hues, made the drive scenic.

Austen quickly got into apple picking mode. We had to slow him down or we would have gone home with a whole bushel. Peyton wasn't so good at getting the hang of pulling them off the tree, however, she did like throwing them in the wagon. We just had to watch that she wasn't picking up the ones off the ground and having us buy those!

During apple picking, Peyton took time out to rest in the wagon and Austen took a bathroom break. Hope no one eats any of the apples off the ground!

Next we went to get some apple donuts and cider. Austen devoured two and his chocolate milk. Peyton was much slower at first licking her donut and then deciding she liked it, devoured it - only to realize she put too much in her mouth and spit out a good majority of it.

Next up was the cow ride (basically a little train that looks like a cow pulled by a tractor). Peyton wanted to ride it by herself and was so happy and squealing with delight before the tractor took off. After, all we could hear was her crying. We had to intercept the ride to get her back. Next ride, she was more than happy to sit with me on the ride and telling me,"More! More!"

Next up, the pumpkin farm!


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