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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adler's Daddy

So I am on this Yahoo Groups list for owners of Bernese Mountain Dogs. People post questions, information about the breed and useful tips. I receive maybe two or three emails a day and I enjoy glancing over the many topics and educating myself even more about our beloved breed.

This past week a name posted in one of the subject line's happens to catch my eye. It was Tallpine's Typhoon Bedmark (call name -Ty). The name rings a bell because it's Adler's dad. I click on the link only to learn that her dad died on Tuesday. He was 11 1/2 (almost 12). That's actually good news for Bernese Mountain Dogs whose life expectancy is 7-9 years. I feel hopeful that Adler will have a longer life expectancy than most Berners. That was short-lived though as I was searching for more information on Adler's mom Brighteye's Shooting Star (call name - Hayley). She lived only 7 1/2 years. Adler turns 7 next month.

I can't believe my Brighteye's Devil in the White City (call name - Adler) is in the golden years of her life already. Forever still wouldn't be long enough to have her.


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