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Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Nap=Advanced Lessons

We knew our days were numbered with Austen taking a nap probably since Spring. Since that time we've either battled with Austen to take a nap or to actually go to bed. When he did nap, he was having a rough time going to bed and it would take him 1-2 hours before he actually fell asleep depending on the night.

I broached this with his teacher at school and she told me he was having no trouble napping at school. Suspect in my opinion but that's a whole different story. Lucky for us, she left the school and when the new year started Austen had a new teacher. I took the opportunity to ask her if Austen could stop napping altogether. Now when a parent asks this I understand that it is a serious consideration especially when they are close to age 5. This is because those who don't nap around age 5 actually participate in advanced lessons during this time. Austen was so excited to participate. Well, the first day he lied and told me he napped because he wanted to stay up late but his teacher emailed me that evening so I knew he was participating.

Anyway, since day two, Austen just seems like a sponge soaking up the advanced lessons and has proudly declared his two new best friends in his class, ones he does advanced lessons with. He also proudly shares with us the work that he has done in advanced lessons that day. A lot of it is practicing numbers and penmanship to ready them for kindergarten/first grade.

I'm excited about that. But I'm even more excited now that he's asleep within five minutes of me putting him to bed!


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