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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cup and Other Things Montessori

Yesterday I was talking to another parent who just left Austen and Peyton's Montessori school because they had to move. Her daughter was in Peyton's class and she was sharing with me how when her daughter entered her new (non-Montessori) school they asked her if she was using a sippy cup because she hadn't brought one. They probably didn't realize that in Montessori, you don't ever utter the words sippy cup. They learn to drink from little cups around the age of 1 and start to perfect it close to 18 months. Peyton is doing great with the cup! So yes, at home, she would use some sippy cups because while she was perfecting her technique, I didn't want it all over my floor all the time. But now at almost 21 months, I think it's time to start phasing out the sippy cup.

Montessori also pushes the potty training from a young age. I think Peyton's ready. It's just am I ready? It was relatively painless with Austen because he was great at holding it and didn't ask to see every bathroom every time we went out. Peyton will tell me now, "Pee Pee!" and I will take her to the bathroom and she will sit there and 5 seconds letter proclaim "All done!" although she didn't do anything. So we are gearing up for that soon. Austen was potty trained at 25 months. Maybe Peyton will break one of Austen's records.

One thing that I also like that Montessori does at this age is teach practical life skills. Peyton is pretty good at using utensils when eating. She also tries to put on her coat and backpack herself. And, just today, I witnessed her put her shoes on her feet twice!

She has also finally started saying her name. So next time you see her, you can ask her and she'll tell you!


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