Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More From Austen...

This week Austen has been full of all sorts of funny things to say. Here's a smattering of them...

Austen: What's that? (referring to a noise he heard upstairs)
Me: Our new neighbor moving some furniture.
Austen: Peter? (the old neighbor)
Me: No, Peter moved to a new house.
Austen: Does he have a big backyard now?
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yeah, probably bigger than when he lived here.

Can you tell Austen wants a big backyard?

Me: Austen, move your foot. (as I am trying to close the closet door in his room)
Austen: (nothing)
Me: Austen, I said move your foot.
Austen: (nothing)
Me: (I close door on Austen's foot but gently)
Austen: Mommy! You just closed the door on my foot and hurt my toes!
Me: I asked you twice to move your foot and you didn't. Your toes are fine.
Austen: No, you tried to cut them off with the door!
Me: I'll go get the scissors and cut them off if you really think I was trying to cut them off!
Austen: And, I'll go get the policeman!
Me: (Laughing) Okay, you win!

Good that he knows it's not okay for mommies to cut off their kids' toes with scissors!

Me: Looking at pictures of my friend Lisa's wedding and pointing to a photo of me and Lisa) Austen, who is that?
Austen: Lisa.
Me: And...?
Austen: I don't know.
Me: You don't know?
Austen: No.
Me: You don't know your own mommy?!
Austen: (Looking at me funny). You?!

Guess I looked either really bad or really good that my own kid didn't recognize me in a photo! Maybe it was the sunglasses?!!


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