Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Words

Peyton has been talking up a storm. I don't remember Austen being this verbal at this age. I mean what other 18 month old says ambulance? Since we live in the city, we hear a lot of sirens and sure enough Peyton hears them too and says ambulance! And, it's pretty clear.

Today, I said the word yellow and she repeated it perfectly after I said it. She might not be able to point out the color but she sure mastered saying that color when Austen just started saying it correctly 6 months ago!

Other new words is her switching from mama and dada..she now calls us mommy and daddy. She's pretty good at saying Adler too and calls her brother "Austey."

She still won't say her own name though so we are working on that since she loves to say all the other kids' names in her class. Speaking of school, here are a few photos of Peyton in action at Montessori.

Peyton peeling an orange at her seat.

Getting into a rythym.

Showing some love.


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