Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Adler is Afraid of Flies

I think Adler silently curses the summer months because that's when all the flies come out. Adler can't stand flies. In fact, I think she's afraid of them and glad that summer is almost over. They drive her absolutely nuts. If she so much as suspects a fly, somewhere in the room she's in she'll turn in circles endlessly scouring the ceiling for them. She will then pace non-stop until we tell her it's okay and to go lie down. Sometimes she'll even take refuge in the bathroom or she's been known to crawl under our coffee table - no easy feat for a dog of her size. So as nice as Adler is and as much as we say she wouldn't hurt a fly, I believe she really would hurt a fly if she could catch one!


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