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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poor Adler, Austen Now Eats her Treats!

In the past, Austen has loved to be the one to give Adler her treats so it has kind of turned into a routine...when we get Austen from daycare, I let him give her a treat once he gets in the car (Adler usually comes with me to pick him up from school). However, lately he's refused to give our poor girl the treat and keeps it for himself.

Instead of getting into a struggling match with Austen to take away the treat and give it to Adler, I just give Adler another treat and let Austen hold the treat that he was supposed to give Adler. (Us moms need to pick and choose our battles!) Seems like a good solution, right? Well, last week as I'm driving home, I actually caught him putting the treat in his mouth. So I'm trying to drive and wrestle the treat away from Austen. Luckily in that instance, I happened to spot my brother standing outside a local bar before a White Sox game and I pulled over and had him reach through the back window and take it away from Austen.

Well I was lucky that time. You'd think then that I'd refrain from giving him Adler's treats but he so enjoys holding and torturing Adler that the next day I let him have another. That's when I noticed that Austen had shoved the whole thing (okay so it was only half of a dog treat) in his mouth and was chewing it like it was the best cookie ever. Now, I could have pulled the car over and squeezed his cheeks to get the now half-eaten treat out of his mouth but I figured if he really wanted to eat the treat then I should just let him. He was after all just being a toddler who explores with his mouth, but I did let him know it was 'yucky' and after he swallowed the treat, his face told me that I don't think he'll be trying that again anytime soon.


  • I used to eat Milkbone dog biscuits and I turned out fine. Although, I did that when I was 16 so maybe it's not the same.

    By Blogger Perry, at 7:40 PM  

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