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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Austen and Adler Go on Vacation

Sorry, I haven't posted for more than a week. We've been on vacation in Union Pier, Mich., renting our usual 'beach' house with friends. But I am back now and ready to share some stories about our vacation:

*Austen learned to jump in the pool on his own. No holding mommy or daddy's hands and you'd better be ready to catch him because he was jumping whether you were looking or not. Adler was of course a hazard. Remember last year, me telling you about her not wanting my niece, Mia, to jump in the pool. Well, Adler did the same thing with Austen, freaking out when Austen was about to jump into the pool. Mia of course was bigger and had better balance so when Adler ran in front of her to prevent her from jumping in, she could either stop or redirect herself. Austen is too young to do that. There was a collision, he almost toppled backward off the pool deck onto the grass. But he didn't and Adler was happy that he didn't make it into the pool.

*Austen was also fascinated with our friend, Perry's juggling abilities. I've attached the video of how excited Austen is to see Perry juggling. For those of you who don't know Perry, he actually runs and juggles. Check out his blog 'Just Your Average Joggler.'

*Austen also discovered airplanes while on this trip (there were a lot going overhead) and would point to the sky every time he heard one. His hearing must be better than mine because I swear he would start pointing at the sky at least 10-15 seconds before I could even make out the faintest whir of an airplane.

All in all, it was a great long weekend. We could've stayed longer and I think Austen and Adler liked having us around all day.


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