Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rainbow Bridge

I'm part of a Berner List Serv where people can write in and talk about their Berners, share information and ask questions. Another popular thing to do on this site is wish your Berner a happy birthday as well as let others know that he/she has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge is aka Heaven for pets. Each time I see an entry about Rainbow Bridge, I can't help myself from reading it even though I know it will make my heart hurt for those who have lost their beloved pet. This week my heart hurt for my friend, Jenny. Her six-year-old dog died suddenly - they think from a heart attack.

I have written about the loss of a pet twice before on this blog and I'm writing about it again because it's something I think about often. The life expectancy for Berners is only 7-9 years. That's really short. Too short. I can't imagine having Adler for only 7 years. That means I only have four more years left with her. So I better enjoy them. Every day, I do. I think about a time when I will no longer be able to look into her trusting eyes or pat her beloved head, and then I spoil her rotten.

I dread when her time comes to cross Rainbow Bridge, but I know I will find comfort in the time that she gave us here on Earth. Until then...I'll just enjoy her each and every day.


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