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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Austen's Graduating...

to the next room/age group in his daycare class. He gets to rejoin all of his friends that were there when he first started - all the boys that is.
A few weeks ago, Tom was sick so I had to pick up and drop off Austen at daycare. (I usually get out of that since the daycare is by Tom's office.) Anyway, I hadn't been in his daycare room in awhile and when I walked in, it was all girls! I think there was only one girl in there before and now it was all girls with trendy names - Ava, Ella, Kate, etc. So cute but a little too young for Austen. He missed his friends, especially some little buddy named Robert that he likes to talk to a lot.
Anyway, they told us today that he will be moving to the next classroom. We will miss his teachers in his little infant classroom as they took great care of him but I'm sure he's excited to rejoin his friends.

I can't believe he's graduating to the next classroom already or that he is seven months old! Pretty soon we'll be celebrating his first birthday!! Where does the time go? I guess it's happens when you are busy making other plans:)


  • As you get older, life seems to go by faster. Here's a mathematical explanation for why it happens.

    1. When you are young (say 4 years old), a single year represents 20% of your entire life.

    2. When you are 20, a single year represents only 5% of your life.

    So, a year seems much longer when you're younger than when you're older.

    By Blogger Perry, at 8:57 AM  

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